AA Genealogy Consulting

AA Genealogy Consulting
Poteau, Oklahoma and Netherton, England
Email: aagenealogyconsulting@gmail.com
Website: AA Genealogy Consulting

With access to Local, State, National and International (specifically England/UK) record access, Andrea and Alisha are a team approach to Genealogy.  Spending countless hours inside documents, researching, studying and increasing their knowledge base, Andrea and Alisha offer a unique experience to their Clientele.

Some of the services we offer, but not limited to:

Research Specific Life Events, Birth, Death, Marriage (US and Internationally)
Lineage Research and Report Preparation
Researching, Preparing Family Trees and Pedigrees
Professional Family Charts, Family Books and Albums
Scanning/Digitizing Photos (so they can be shared among family)
Lineage Society Applications
Native American Roll Applications
Photography of Headstones, Cemeteries, Churches, Historical Sites

Geographical Area On-Site Research
Southeast Oklahoma/Western Arkansas (will travel outside those areas, see travel fees)

CURRENT PROJECT! Photographic documentation of every headstone and cemetery in Le Flore County!


  1. Hello you two. Firstly thanks for adding lastrp.com to your friends list, much appreciated. I enjoyed your article on gravestone cleaning too. In the UK we also have mixed views on gravestone cleaning, I personally would have liked to have seen a lot more preservation work taken place in some of the churchyards I have visited than is the case. Debate however remains open. Do drop by from time to time. Regards, David

    1. Thank you, David! Andrea, my partner, lives in the UK as well and has told me how awful and in such disrepair many of the old cemeteries are there. It would tear my heart out for sure! We will come by and leave some Blog thanks as well! Thank you for reading our blog!