What's In My Cemetery Bag?

THESE are the items you will see in my little green "recycle" bag out Shooting and Scouting!

Fiberglass Trowel
Fiberglass 3 Prong Hand Rake
Soft Bristle Brush
Gloves (Anti-spider devices, specifically Black Widows...)
Water bottle
Cell Phone
Camera Battery Backups
Memory Card
Anti-Histamine (Those weeds and bushes you crawled through _YEP you are newly allergic)
Insect Spray (although I swear they swarm me more when I wear it)
Cooler with Ice and Water (Heat index has been 104-5 lately)
Baby Wipes
First Aid Kit (I am an RN and there is a wee more to mine that the normal kit)
Map (Best friend on other end of cell to direct me when I forget said map LOL)
Blankets, jackets and Pillow in car, ya never know!

ALWAYS< ALWAYS> let someone near you know WHERE and WHAT places you are visiting! I like to think the best, but always prepare for the unexpected!


  1. lol yes it is best to let someone know, because my best friend has a habbit of getting lost shakes head

  2. Ahhh there is my map, I mean my Bestie! Thank you dear for directions and directing me along this journey of ours!