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Well my name is Alisha, and as you can see by the picture I am completely FEARLESS! Well, my bestie Andrea (Ward I call her), would probably disagree and say I am absolutely frightening to her! HA! Going places without directions other than old country directions, leaping onto plastic alligators with my bare hands, stepping into nests of Black Widow Spiders (true stories).

Although the last year hasn't much reflected it, but I digress, I LOVE life and love to laugh. My passions are photography and Genealogy, combine those two and you have a recipe for a happy girl!

I am a best friend, a mom, a grandma, an RN, Genealogist, Photographer, cook and all around good ol country gal. I was born and raised in Eastern Oklahoma, home of so many events in the 1800s, to include the end of the Trail of Tears, the Land Run, to name a few. Those very things are at the thread of why I adore Genealogy. The longer you follow this blog you will see that I am a story teller myself, I am down to earth with my writings, very approachable and care free.

I have so many twists and turns with my own family ancestry that at this point, no ones scares me! I have a few nuts falling off the nut tree, a few cousins who ended up married, then double cousins married, then someone shot a Native American and ended up in jail, then Native Americans we are blood related to were denied acknowledgement by one of the Native American Nations, that resulted in 20 years and a Supreme Court ruling (all true stories). So, see, whatever your family story is, we have it covered!

I hope you enjoy our journey, our photographs, and mostly coming by to see what a girl from Oklahoma and a girl from the UK have been doing in the world of Genealogy!

Happy Hunting,

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  1. I'm Lorine McGinnis Schulze of Olive Tree Genealogy. Recently I wrote a blog post about an issue with a Pinterest user. This user is using other genealogist's photos but instead of linking back to the owner and the website/blog where the photo is found, the legitimate links have been replaced with links to his own website.

    One of your photos is on his board but is not linked to your blog where it originated.

    Here is the link to your photo http://oklahomasmedley.blogspot.ca/2012/07/thankful-thursday-gift-from-beyond.html

    and here is the link to the same photo on his Pinterest board (linked to HIS website instead of yours)

    Many of us have reported him to Pinterest and filed a DMCA complaint to have our pins removed from his board.

    Please see my blog post HEADS UP ALL GENEALOGISTS at http://olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com/2013/05/heads-up-all-genealogists.html for full details and complete instructions (with links) on how to report him and how to file that DMCA complaint.

    I found 11 of my photos being misused on his boards and within 3 hours of my complaint Pinterest removed them all so we are getting rapid and positive response from Pinterest.

    Thank you