Thursday, July 5, 2012

Genealogists D.R.E.A.M Headstone!

First let me say sorry for being absent for a few days, Ward and I have been working on a 3000 Plus family tree, each name typed INDIVIDUALLY into Ancestry, full of twists, turns, families with 10 plus kids who have 10 plus kids each WOWZA! So, needless to say the cemetery work has set to the side for the few days it took us to whip that tree into shape. Let me say that on Ancestry, as of today there were almost 2610 waving leaves! HA! Yeah, still gotta go through the leaves, BUT the people are on there YIPPEE! Now, back to our regularly scheduled programs....

I came upon the following headstone and it was one of those Genealogist Hallelujah moments! It is a Genealogists dream stone if there ever was one. There are some family members we spend hours, days, WEEKS, even months trying to find. Now, this is a bit elaborate for everyone but oh me oh my!!!!

This also happens to be one of my Paternal surnames so it was equally exciting to see this and see if these wonderful people belong on my tree! ( number 4 thousand 7 hundred and 82 on my to do list HA).

Happy Hunting,

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