Monday, July 9, 2012

Makeover Monday

I have decided that a few days a week will be theme days here on our blog. Monday as you can see, is Makeover Monday. I wrote an article recently talking about to "Clean or Not to Clean" and I have to say that that the more I see these stones wasting away, information being lost, I am of the mind that cleaning, without harming is ok!

I have to think of this a few ways, yes, these are private pieces of property and while caring for them I cannot and will not do anything that harms, defects, or defames the nature of the stone or its information. I in no way want to disrespect the person, or the family that this stone is placed for and above. So in keeping with that, I feel it is my responsibility to research ways, safely, to remove mold, mildew, crusty stuff, and in a way that does not destroy the integrity of the memorial.

So, below you will see a Before and an After shot from this morning. Now, I have to say that it has been D.R.Y. here in Eastern Oklahoma, we are under burn bans in fact. Last night a storm came roaming through and gave everything a good soaking. Because the heat indexes have been in the 100+ range I get out and about early to capture my images before the day gets on too hot. Well, now I have attempted with a soft bristle brush before, to remove this particular type of fungi/mold, with very little luck. It seems once it set in it wasn't budging. Now, when it first starts into the cracks and crevices you can at times, read them a bit easier with the creature in there. Once it takes over though, the words and names and dates are long gone.

Back to that rain, well this creature on this precious stone had been completely saturated the night before and the sun hadn't quite made it up enough to dry it back out. I gave the creature a nudge with my brush and what normally doesn't happen, happened, it budged! Not only did it budge, it basically wiped itself off! I think I shouted out loud with glee!

Tell me what you think...


After (now it is still wet and I didn't wait til the sun dried it to see the full outcome but I think you can see)

No fluids (other than the rain), no metals, no scrub brushes were used, just at tiny soft bristled rubber brush and elbow grease.

Well, what do you think? Worth the Makeover?

Happy Hunting,

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