Thursday, June 7, 2012

Family Spirit, Family Secrets

"There is an unquestionable bond among families, whether near or far. We are bound by not only a single person, or couple, but by a spirit that lives within that family.

We are its highs and lows, its fame, its misfortune, and deepest secrets. We should not hide from those truths but embrace them as we make this journey through our pasts." Alisha Pendergraff-Lopez

This is my own quote from my website,, it is what I truly believe about family and yes, about secrets. Through my own experience with my Oklahoma Smedleys, there seems to be a 'simple' spirit and by that I mean not ones to put on heirs about things, but also of those who are hard-working and driven. Although I didn't know even my great-grandparents on either side of my family, I do know that spirit that was there, and somehow that lives on in me.

How is that? How is it that I can read about my historical family and see the same types of thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions to situations that I would find myself having or doing? Is it true that a spirit lives within a family? No, I don't mean boogey men or ghosts here, I mean that 'thing' that you see among families where your grandma took in strangers to feed, you find yourself with that same type of helping or lending hand to those in need. Your great-great-great grandpa was a hardworking farmer and although you may or may not be a farmer, you have that same hardworking ethic that he had.

Does this have anything to do with a Genealogy search per se, no, but it does have to do with the human condition, with wondering what it is we really pass on to our family. What it can help you with is that when you are reading about your family of yesterday and at home with the family of today, think of those things, good things, that are in your life to pass on to them. One day when a distant relative is looking into their past, they will see you and the things you past on to your family and see that 'spirit' live on.

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