Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny Friday - I am NOT lost, I was merely sightseeing, and a few other thoughts~

I hinted on yesterdays post my, as Ward would say, way of making her go nuts. That is, I had general or no directions to the places I was headed, I just drove. Now, let me explain a bit about Le Flore County, it is not only filled with quaint little small towns, fields of rolling grass and cattle, birds chirping, well you get that picture. It is also filled with dirt roads that go on for 15-20 miles, signs that say and mean, if you enter you will be shot (nothing personal).

It has various types of wildlife, like snakes that bite, mosquitoes that will suck you dry in 5 minutes flat, oh and don't forget those LOVELY black widow spiders that are waiting for you to get nosy and move a broken headstone about so they too, can have you for supper! Yes, that did happen to me, prompting me to buy and wear gloves, even with the heat index at 105F~

Now why with all that Ward would be concerned, I have no idea! I grew up here, I know the boundaries to push, I know when a closed gate means do or do not or enter at own risk. The tell tale sign for the Do Not is either a lock or a skeleton head of some poor critter, definitely not the type of gates you want to enter! HA! I never saw a lock or a skeleton head in the WHOLE time I was out!

So, my trusty side kick had to lead me around, OH, let me mention here that not only is she NOT in Oklahoma, she isn't even in the US. She is actually in the United Kingdom, like a few hours from London, not in Oklahoma! Yeah we totally are a pair and a half, but MAN OH MAN do we laugh! She mostly laughs at me and my ridiculous ways at times, I don't mind at all, at least I am amusing someone!

My journey took me to a cemetery called Greenhill, and low and behold if one of "those" people weren't buried there. You know the type, the guy who always said something was wrong and no one let on to believe him, take him seriously, you know that guy, right? Mr. Anthony must have been that guy!


Happy Hunting,

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  1. What a great story. Makes me want to see some pictures from the adventure of getting to the cemetery.

    Regards, Jim
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