Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Information~ Website build day Four

FIRST of all I would like to thank all almost 100 of you wonderful people who have at least gotten to my corner of the Internet world! Andrea and I are working on growing this site everyday, adding, morphing it into a wealth of Smedley information for ALL Smedley's. I just happen to be an Oklahoma Smedley, but when I add information here, it will also be for the Nebraska ones, the Hawaii ones, Alaska, and so on and so on!.

The word for the day is...... DRUM ROLL....  Infooooormation!!! Well, today was like most others on the search for our infamous Joseph Smedley, Reverend. We did find a snippet today that 'may' have an accurate place of birth in England which is HUGE and that it is possible he is one of 7 children as well! WAY to go ANDREA!  While she was going google eyes finding information on Joseph, I was adding two new pages here, they are quick links to known burial sites for Smedley's (ALL of them, not just my relations). It took the better part of the day making links and what not but I am pleased with the outcome. Remember my earlier blog about the heavier on labor than on love days? Yeah this was one of those days!! heehee

I have decided to take and put our actual images and document images on Flickr, they are easily accessible, the storage is unlimited, or it will be soon for me, and I can more easily set links and reference information so those with the original documentations, or sites with the information, get proper credit. I have been in photography for quite some time so I do understand and respect copyright issues!

I am gathering links tonight as well to very informative, FREE, pages for searching for family information. One thing that is a great resource, if you have and use Google Chrome is under the search engine, type your search word (s), then when the link page opens look to the left about half way down and you will see the word  BOOKS. This if a great area for older articles, books that are available in not only PDF or text format but are available to read online! Some you can also choose to download to a tablet if you so choose. These older texts tend not to show up on the regular search engine as the search engines are geared to show up high volume, newer articles, websites, etc,.


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