Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Precarious Places

Well, I have to say that on my treks through the wild and woolly adventures of Project photograph cemeteries, I have found them in some, precarious places, as you will see below.

Those of you who have been to cemeteries as I have been, photographing, documenting each person or particular family members, you begin to be able to 'read' a cemetery. Especially the ones that house people from back in the early to mid 1800s. You begin to know when a rock is just a rock or when it, accompanied with a type of hump, is actually a marker for someones place of rest. You are quick not to assume that the edges the people say are the edges, are actually where the graves stop.

In 'reading' graves you will quickly start to catch yourself inside bushes, among the trees, searching the base of trees, the ditches, laying on your stomach to see a rock that is leaning down to the ground (9/10 there is a name or an etching on the side that is facing the ground. At least in my cases, that seems to be the case, HA).

When you are searching these places of rest and you can't seem to find who you are looking for.... go look here....

                                                   Under the tree

                                            Oh and IN the tree

                 Covered in leaves and 50 yards from the nearest headstone

Oh and Don't Forget HERE~

p.s. A little advice, carry some Benadryl or other Anti-histamine for WHEN you find out that you are allergic to whatever it is you just crawled into! Heeheee

Happy Hunting


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  1. Great Post! You made me chuckle :) I enjoy the adventure of searching graves tucked away ... reading them .. and wondering what their life has been like.

    Warm Regards,