Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday's Child - Harry and Kenneth Hathaway

Son of
F.J. & Isabel
Aug. 23, 1900
Nov. 19, 1907

Son of
F.J. & Isabel
Oct. 23, 1902
Oct. 24, 1902

These are two of the most beautiful but most sad headstones I have come across as of late. Most of the time, the stones are simple, flat, or the white tablets with the baby lamb laying at the top. These are ornate, beautiful, although Harry's is broken. I can't imagine the grief of losing one child, but to lose two and within two years of each other it just has to be unbearable. It is my hope that the Hathaway's found peace, hopefully had other living children to move into life with and enjoy.

I have mentioned it before but I feel it bears repeating, the children's stones are sad to me for a few reasons, one is the obvious any child dying is just hard to swallow. A second reason is that they have no legacy, no children, grandchildren to remember them, to tell stories of them, to come looking for them years to come. These are truly and eventually, the forgotten ones in our families. It is heartbreaking for sure and the hardest for me to photograph, and I unfortunately, have photographed many. Many during the cholera, smallpox outbreaks of the early to mid 1800s, in this area, Le Flore County, Oklahoma.

So, this post and many others to come, will help them live on, at least through my words and photos.

Give your kids a hug, enjoy your families!

Happy Hunting,

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