Wednesday, June 6, 2012


WOW, I didn't realize just HOW important and key at times, finding and photographing headstones is and would be. I have managed to photograph many of my local Smedley's, I am still working on this, but I have also managed to completely photograph 2 local cemeteries and catalogue them, for now at Mainly because it is and has been and they state they will stay, free to users.

When you have an "about birth date or year" it is great, it can give you a jumping off place to start digging for information. But have you come across this scenario, you put in your relatives name, example Joseph Smedley, and a About 1792 birth year and get 2 hints. Then you put the same name, this time you simply change it by two years to 1790 and 15 hints burst open! Then you realize there are 4-6 Joseph Smedley's not only born in the same area but 2 born on the same day, in the same area!! AHHHHHHH~

So, these headstones are KEY to our research, I shall endeavor gathering and posting pictures, one day on my own site, I do put the Smedley's up on our Flickr page, linked here on the Tree & Photos page. Remember to use all your resources!

If you have a Smedley in Le Flore County Oklahoma or Sebastian County Arkansas, I would be happy to locate and photograph the headstone for you, just message, email me and let me know the information you have about that relative(s)!

Happy Hunting



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere from a fellow Okie!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I am really enjoying this more than I even thought I could!