Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Best Text Message EVER!

This has absolutely nothing to do with, ok I take that back, it has A LOT to do with Genealogy in the sense that this is the person who gave me Genealogy, who gives to me on a daily basis expecting nothing in return but honest friendship. I don't mean the fleeting kind, I mean the, as Clint Eastwood would say, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

I mean we have had a whole slew load of the bad and the ugly the last almost year and a half. I won't get too much into her personal story except to say that the below image will speak for itself in those regards. She is the most giving, the absolute strongest, the most loyal, fiercest friend, a person  could ever hope to have in their corner when the chips are down. When the chips are up, she is funny, feisty, mean as a rattle snake with a heart as soft as they come, witty as can be, she keeps me in stitches!

She has been through literal hell the last year and half, being diagnosed with Cancer and going through radiation, a year and a half of several types of chemotherapy, her original Oncologist giving in telling her to give up the ghost, make peace with her life, get things in order and say her good byes. I can't express what that did to her, to her son, or to those that love and support her. She turned a cheek, got a new Oncologist and months and months of treatments later.....

She lives in England, I live in the states, So this is what I woke to the morning she saw her Oncologist!!!!!

Here we are.....

I could never be given a gift as wonderful as friendship, I mean true friendship, except this. This is the most amazing gift for her to have her life, her family back!! Andrea, you mean the world to me, more than anyone even you, will ever know! Thank you for all that you do for your family, for our friendship, for me. You are TRULY a gift to all of us!

I hope you all find an Andrea, don't ever take her for granted!

Happy Hunting,

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  1. Good for her and her family! What an amazing age we live in when we can get such medical advances, such technology advances, and such good old fashioned friendships! A good day all around and thanks for sharing.